Thanks for the request, @drugs! I'm sorry it took so long.
  1. Motherflippin'/motherflipper
    Especially when said by Richard Ayoade.
  2. Garbology
    The study of everything garbage.
  3. Fender bender
    Making collisions sound fun and whimsical since whenever it was coined. (Technically two words, I know)
  4. Assbutt
  5. hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia
    The fear of long words.
  6. Drollenpijper
    Dutch swear word, which means 'fellater of turds.' Also seen on this list: 35 DUTCH SWEAR WORDS YOU MIGHT LIKE TO KNOW
  7. Rundfunk
    The German word for 'radio broadcast.'
  8. Jimothy
    Gets me every single time.
  9. No