Thanks for the request, @online! I have quite a few thoughts and feelings about the show. This is the successor to this list: THOUGHTS ON GILMORE GIRLS SO FAR
  1. Especially in the first four seasons, the writing is so sharp and funny, way more so than I anticipated beforehand.
  2. The last few seasons were not quite as good, especially 7 (also 6 though, kinda), but overall still enjoyable.
  3. Paris is the best character, and her relationship with Doyle is very enjoyable to watch.
  4. I also like Lorelai a lot. Emily and Rory are also definitely enjoyable (though Rory a lot more in the earlier seasons).
  5. Rory has a truly appalling taste in men. Dean is the worst, and Logan is awful (especially in the beginning, he brought out the worst in Rory). Jess is the best by far, but I feel like a chunk of that is by comparison. He was the best for Rory, though he also treated her poorly at times and had a bad temper.
  6. Has there even been one openly gay character on this show? I don't remember any.
  7. I wish Michel had gotten more chances to shine.
  8. Kirk is a ridiculous human being, but also an entertaining character.
    Though he can be a bit much.
  9. Sookie is sweet, but she can be a bit much.
  10. The hardest part of the whole show to watch was without a doubt the part where Lorelai and Rory are fighting and no longer on speaking terms.
  11. Season 6 Rory is the worst.
  12. Lane deserved better than Zack.
  13. Zack is not very believable as a human being. He behaves as if he was not raised in the vicinity of other humans.
    He gets a little better in season 7, but still. How does Lane fall for this guy? Let alone wants to marry him?
  14. Jackson is such an asshole for not getting the vasectomy and not telling Sookie about it.
  15. I like Lorelai and Luke together, but I also would not have minded if they had just stayed friends throughout the whole show.
  16. Taylor sucks. What a tedious, tedious man.
  17. Christopher really sucks.
  18. Logan's best friend Finn is truly awful.
    Why is he in the revival? Seems highly unnecessary.
  19. Most male characters are the worst, really.
  20. I loved how Miss Patty wasn't shy about her sexuality at all.
  21. The finale was very good, and the clear highlight of season 7.
  22. It was fun to see so many familiar faces on the show, like Nick Offerman, Jon Hamm, Krysten Ritter, Riki Lindhome, Danny Pudi, Max Greenfield, and Jane Lynch.
  23. I don't think anything in the last two seasons made me laugh as hard as watching Paris and Doyle practicing Krav Maga together.
  24. This is definitely one of the whitest shows of this century.
  25. I love the fast-paced dialogue that's stuffed with pop culture references.
  26. Lorelai and Rory are clearly not dog people. They have no chemistry with Paul Anka whatsoever.
  27. I'm not a huge fan of the addition of April, who is basically just a young, nerdier version of Rory. It feels unnecessary.
  28. My favorite episode was the one with the dance marathon - and not just because that's where Rory and Dean break up.
    Season 3, episode 7: 'They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?'
  29. Rory backsliding with Dean while he was married was the worst. I fucking hate Dean.
  30. Richard and Emily's separation made me sad. I was glad to see them get back together.
  31. They also could have eased up a bit on Luke. They barely gave him a chance to make a good impression, yet Christopher is their favorite even though he is clearly completely irresponsible and the worst father in the world? A bit unfair, guys.
  32. Richard's mother may be from a different generation and all that crap, but she was truly awful in basically every way.
  33. I'm excited to see the revival, though I'm also pretty skeptical about it.
    Dean, Jess, AND Logan all come back? That can be... A lot for 4 (long) episodes.
  34. Overall, I really enjoyed watching it, and would definitely recommend it to others. A lot of men may think it's not for them if they haven't seen it (I thought so too, when it was still on TV, years ago), but it's definitely a show that can be enjoyed by all. A big thank you to @ltoiaivao, @online, and @kellyklaver for recommending it to me.