If you've been following a while, you may have noticed that I love a certain television program called Nathan For You, and its star, the genius that is Nathan Fielder. As it turns out, he is a reaction pic machine. Thank you for the request, @kaitmaree!
  1. When you're feeling confident.
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  2. When someone says you're not fun.
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  3. When you reluctantly agree.
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  4. When your friend got fucked over by some asshole.
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  5. When you're having a bad day.
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  6. When you're trying to sext, but you're trying a little too hard to keep it light.
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  7. When your friend wants to come over for dinner, but you don't have money for food.
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  8. When you're low-key stalking your crush.
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  9. When you just got waxed.
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  10. When you can barely contain your laughter.
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  11. When you just got some dumb Starbucks coffee.
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  12. When you suck at adulting.
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  13. When your significant other sucks at sexting.
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  14. When your friend compliments Donald Trump.
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  15. When you feel like the meat in a human hot dog.
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  16. When someone compliments your selfie.
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  17. When you tricked your friend into giving you their urine.
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  18. When someone compliments your work.
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  19. When you want to make sure they really meant that compliment.
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  20. When you just want to triple check.
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  21. When you're really just milking it at this point.
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  22. When you realized you've gone too far.
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  23. When your friend asks you for guy-advice, and you want to make sure they know they're in good hands.
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  24. When your friend is feeding you lines on a date, but they've gone too far.
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  25. When you just made the deciding argument in a discussion.
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  26. When someone says the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard.
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  27. When you get a little overwhelmed.
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  28. When you agree.
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  29. When you disagree.
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  30. When you feel like someone is about to say something misogynistic. (1/2)
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  31. When you feel like someone is about to say something misogynistic. (2/2)
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  32. When you want to show your significant other that you mean busines when you're sexting.
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  33. When you can't find the 😏 emoji.
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  34. When you're super pumped.
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  35. When your friend makes a dumb remark about a woman'a appearance. (1/2)
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  36. When your friend makes a dumb remark about a woman'a appearance. (2/2)
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  37. When you feel like having a mother effin' beer.
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  38. When you don't feel like talking.
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  39. When your friend isn't making a whole lot of sense.
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  40. When your friend is getting worked up over nothing.
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  41. When someone is being ridiculously obvious.
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