Season 4 is available on Netflix right... NOW! This list does not contain spoilers for the new season.
  1. When you hear Donald Trump utter yet another incoherent sentence.
  2. When people keep calling you Crazy Eyes even though they should just fucking call you Suzanne.
  3. When you're talking to a foodie and have no clue what they're talking about.
  4. When someone takes your metaphore literally.
  5. When you accidentally saw the ass of someone you hate and you can't get the image out of your head.
  6. When you're 100% done with a group chat.
  7. When someone is talking a big game, but you know they're full of it.
  8. When a fedora-wearer criticizes your looks.
  9. When someone asks you if you're stress-eating again.
  10. When that is some bullshit.
  11. When everything is going your way for once.
  12. When you were Instagram-stalking your crush and suddenly they send you a message.
  13. When someone asks you your opinion on Donald Trump.
  14. When you're sexting, but also pretty cold, actually.
  15. When someone mildly inconveniences you.
  16. When some fuckboy tries to get you to send nudes.
  17. When crazy things are happening at work.
  18. When someone responds in an unnecessarily rude manner.
  19. When your friend is a weirdo, but you love them for it.
  20. When you just read a really good fic.
  21. When someone judges you for having a crush on someone they don't like.
  22. When you get the feeling that your friend might backslide if you don't say something.
  23. When autocorrect keeps fucking up.
  24. When your friend says they want to look fierce, but you're not sure if they mean fierce...
  25. Or fierce.
  26. When someone tells you some delicious gossip.
  27. When your best friend gets fucked over by some asshole.
  28. When someone calls you predictable.
  29. When someone is surprised by your knowledge of Judaism.
  30. When you're having a hard day.
  31. When you just completely destroyed someone in an argument.
  32. When someone accidentally posts a nude in a group chat.
  33. When someone brags about something that's actually just common decency.
  34. When you send your significant other a killer nude.
  35. When someone asks you what your relationship goals are.
  36. When someone asks you if you speak German.
  37. When your significant other sends you a killer nude.
  38. When your friend shows off her new clothes, and you're definitely going to borrow them.
  39. When you know how to really help your friend.
  40. When you see a picture of the Obama family.
  41. When you have a problem.
  42. When you just got a great new haircut.
  43. When you're not in the mood for sexting, but you are in the mood for cuddling.
  44. When a guy complains about being friendzoned.
  45. When you fucked up.
  46. When you couldn't be happier for someone.
  47. When someone asks you what you're going to do with the rest of your life.
  48. When you're subtly flirting with someone.
  49. When someone acts way weirder than you are, but they don't get shit for it.
  50. When someone you hate fucks up.
  51. When you can get your friend an easy job.
  52. When someone doesn't say thank you.
  53. When someone you thought you respected turns out to be a Trump supporter.
  54. When your crush compliments you.
  55. When your friend cancels plans you've been looking forward to for a long time.
  56. When someone uses an awful stereotype and you're not here for that shit.
  57. When someone asks you what your definition of love is, but you're dead inside.
  58. When you trick someone into admitting something.
  59. When all you need is spinach.
  60. When your friend is making bad choices.
  61. When you realize you fucked up REAL bad.
  62. Like, really really bad.
  63. When 'Hollaback Girl' comes on...
  64. And you can't help but dance.
  65. You really can't.
  66. When someone admits they like you.
  67. When the new season of your favorite show starts.
  68. When a guy asks you out and you want to say yes, but you forgot how to say it in a non-creepy way.
  69. When you need to intimidate someone.
  70. When you're directing a movie and one of the actors keeps slacking off, so you want to threaten to cut their part.
  71. When a friend complains about someone who talks too much.
  72. When someone won't text you back.
  73. When someone complains about something they brought onto themselves.
  74. When you've been explaining something for a while and they finally get it.
  75. When someone keeps complaining about their appartment.
  76. When someone asks you what you look for in a significant other.
  77. When you see someone with an American flag and assault rifles in their profile pic.