LITERALLY every occasion.
  1. Who better to use for some positive reinforcement than Chris Traeger?
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  2. If you don't have a happy Aziz Ansari/Tom Haverford reaction pic, what are you even doing with your life?
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  3. Like...
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  4. It really is.
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  5. Seriously, you need this.
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  6. Indeed.
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  7. Anyway, there more good ones.
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  8. Quite right.
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  9. When your family keeps asking you about your love life at holiday gatherings, but there's alcohol.
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  10. This one can be used virtually every day.
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  11. When someone asks you about your plans for the future.
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  12. When someone asks you about your weekend plans.
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  13. When you really nailed it (1/3)
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  14. When you really nailed it (2/3)
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  15. When you really nailed it (3/3)
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  16. When everything is A-okay coolio beans.
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  17. Don't forget to sing along with this one.
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  18. When your dream is dead.
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  19. When you have a really good reason not to go somewhere.
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  20. When you've done something magical.
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  21. When someone brags about something that's not worth bragging about.
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  22. When you hate everything.
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  23. When you regret everything.
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  24. When you're going to murder someone.
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  25. When you're going to murder someone a thousand times.
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  26. When you had fun party last night.
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  27. When two people are sitting in a tree.
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  28. When someone starts talking to you about how tragedies could have been prevented if more people carried guns.
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  29. When someone starts talking to you about how tragedies could have been prevented if more people carried guns.
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  30. When someone starts talking to you about how tragedies could have been prevented if more people carried guns.
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  31. When someone makes fun of your music taste.
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  32. When you see something that's gross, but amazing.
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  33. When you fucked up.
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  34. When you can't stop making puns.
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  35. When you're the only one who's excited for your friend.
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  36. When you're drunk, but supportive of your friend.
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  37. When something is 100% certified for realskis.
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  38. When someone says something obvious.
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  39. When your friend asks if they should buy something or not.
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  40. When you're feeling yourself.
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  41. When someone is telling the most confusing and incoherent story.
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  42. When someone is telling the most confusing and incoherent story.
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  43. When something is one of the most significant bummers of your lifetime.
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  44. When someone tells you literally the best news you've heard all day.
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  45. When you wrap up a conversation.
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  46. When your friend sends you something that reminded them of you.
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  47. When you are part of the problem (1/2)
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  48. When you are part of the problem (2/2)
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  49. When you receive the best gift.
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    Suggested by @lrcolleran
  50. When it looks like you gave the best gift.
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    Suggested by @lrcolleran
  51. When it's the best day of the year
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    Suggested by @lrcolleran
  52. When you need a little reminder of how great you are.
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    Suggested by @gwenllain
  53. When you need to channel your inner Leslie Knope Michelle Obama Beyoncé Pawnee Goddess and rock it (I made this my phone background on the day of my first post-grad job interview. And rocked it.)
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    Suggested by @gwenllain