So I was working on my thesis, I was under a lot of stress, yada yada yada, and I made a really long Seinfeld reaction pic list.
  1. When someone asks you if you're looking forward to your date.
  2. When she asks you for a sexy pic.
  3. When you don't want to explain why you're tired.
  4. When you're failing, but you're used to that by now.
  5. When your friend criticizes your outfit.
  6. When your friend says something insane.
  7. When your friend tries to be funny at the wrong moment.
  8. When your single friend is being disgusting.
  9. When you can't stop talking about your favorite products.
  10. When the greatest thing ever happens to you.
  11. When you hate men, but you're not a lesbian.
  12. When you're friend gets engaged while your love life is shit.
  13. When you're trying to sext, but you're not very good at it.
  14. When someone you want to sleep with accuses you of only wanting to talk to them because you want to have sex, and you don't want to admit it.
  15. When you're feeling like a boss.
  16. When you disagree, but you don't have a good argument.
  17. When your friend is being silly.
  18. When your date asks you where you're gonna go, but you're not sure yet.
  19. When it's morning.
  20. When someone accuses you of being too closed off.
  21. When it's June.
  22. When you're tired of talking to someone.
  23. When you don't care.
  24. When someone asks you if you want to go have a beer.
  25. When someone owes you five.
  26. When you successfully flirt with someone.
  27. When someone asks you if you really don't want to do anything.
  28. When your friend suggests that you become friends with benefits.
  29. When your friend is being exhausting.
  30. When she had to have the big salad.
  31. When your friend wants to have a deep conversation.
  32. When someone asks you why you never go out.
  33. When you start crying out of nowhere.
  34. When your friend asks you advice on breaking bad news to someone (1/2)
  35. When your friend asks you advice on breaking bad news to someone (2/2)
  36. When your boss texts you a bad joke.
  37. When your friend is being impossible.
  38. When you're miserable.
  39. When you need to speak your mind in a group chat.
  40. When people are being the worst.
  41. When your friend tried to seduce someone with salted, cured meats.
  42. When your friend is mocking your seduction strategies involving salted, cured meats.
  43. When someone asks you why you quit. (1/2)
  44. When someone asks you why you quit. (2/2)
  45. When you don't know what to tell your friend, and you're holding orange juice.
  46. When you're dead inside.
  47. When you're depressed.
  48. When your friend asks you for fashion advice.
  49. When someone is being gross.
  50. When someone is being gross, but you're still attracted to them.
  51. When you tell someone about St. Patrick's Day.
  52. When your friend suggests that you should date someone who's more like you.
  53. When your parents want you to come to a family gathering.
  54. When your friend asks for some of your home-made soup, but they can't have any.
  55. When it's Festivus.
  56. When people in a group chat keep bugging you about where you get your shoes.
  57. When you're feeling triumphant.
  58. When you tell the group chat that you nailed it.
  59. When you're not cool, but you're trying.
  60. When you were attracted to someone because they reminded you of Lois Lane.
  61. When you hate your stuff.
  62. When your friend is being useless.
  63. When your friend doesn't know why something dumb happened to them.
  64. When you tried to flirt, but failed.
  65. When he sends you a dick pic while you're with a friend.
  66. When two of your friends are meeting for the first time.
  67. When things aren't going according to plan.
  68. When your friend went on a date and you want details.
  69. When you win the lottery.
  70. When your friend judges you when you binge watch a season in a day.
  71. When someone asks you what you do all day.
  72. When someone asks you why something bad happened to you.
  73. When you've got it all.
  74. When someone asks you if you if everybody really needs to like you.
  75. When someone calls you pathetic, and you were already well aware.
  76. When you think people should follow your example and give up.
  77. When you're cold.
  78. When you're on a crowded train.
  79. When your friend tells you great news.
  80. When you want to make it up with nudes.