So I was working on my thesis, I was under a lot of stress, yada yada yada, and I made a really long Seinfeld reaction pic list.
  1. When someone asks you if you're looking forward to your date.
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  2. When she asks you for a sexy pic.
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  3. When you don't want to explain why you're tired.
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  4. When you're failing, but you're used to that by now.
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  5. When your friend criticizes your outfit.
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  6. When your friend says something insane.
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  7. When your friend tries to be funny at the wrong moment.
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  8. When your single friend is being disgusting.
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  9. When you can't stop talking about your favorite products.
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  10. When the greatest thing ever happens to you.
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  11. When you hate men, but you're not a lesbian.
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  12. When you're friend gets engaged while your love life is shit.
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  13. When you're trying to sext, but you're not very good at it.
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  14. When someone you want to sleep with accuses you of only wanting to talk to them because you want to have sex, and you don't want to admit it.
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  15. When you're feeling like a boss.
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  16. When you disagree, but you don't have a good argument.
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  17. When your friend is being silly.
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  18. When your date asks you where you're gonna go, but you're not sure yet.
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  19. When it's morning.
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  20. When someone accuses you of being too closed off.
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  21. When it's June.
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  22. When you're tired of talking to someone.
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  23. When you don't care.
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  24. When someone asks you if you want to go have a beer.
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  25. When someone owes you five.
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  26. When you successfully flirt with someone.
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  27. When someone asks you if you really don't want to do anything.
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  28. When your friend suggests that you become friends with benefits.
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  29. When your friend is being exhausting.
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  30. When she had to have the big salad.
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  31. When your friend wants to have a deep conversation.
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  32. When someone asks you why you never go out.
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  33. When you start crying out of nowhere.
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  34. When your friend asks you advice on breaking bad news to someone (1/2)
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  35. When your friend asks you advice on breaking bad news to someone (2/2)
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  36. When your boss texts you a bad joke.
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  37. When your friend is being impossible.
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  38. When you're miserable.
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  39. When you need to speak your mind in a group chat.
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  40. When people are being the worst.
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  41. When your friend tried to seduce someone with salted, cured meats.
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  42. When your friend is mocking your seduction strategies involving salted, cured meats.
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  43. When someone asks you why you quit. (1/2)
    02e5442d 1c46 4b03 971d a22455a283a7
  44. When someone asks you why you quit. (2/2)
    E298b0e5 ba82 43fc 8f62 f0d066efc20a
  45. When you don't know what to tell your friend, and you're holding orange juice.
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  46. When you're dead inside.
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  47. When you're depressed.
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  48. When your friend asks you for fashion advice.
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  49. When someone is being gross.
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  50. When someone is being gross, but you're still attracted to them.
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  51. When you tell someone about St. Patrick's Day.
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  52. When your friend suggests that you should date someone who's more like you.
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  53. When your parents want you to come to a family gathering.
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  54. When your friend asks for some of your home-made soup, but they can't have any.
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  55. When it's Festivus.
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  56. When people in a group chat keep bugging you about where you get your shoes.
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  57. When you're feeling triumphant.
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  58. When you tell the group chat that you nailed it.
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  59. When you're not cool, but you're trying.
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  60. When you were attracted to someone because they reminded you of Lois Lane.
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  61. When you hate your stuff.
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  62. When your friend is being useless.
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  63. When your friend doesn't know why something dumb happened to them.
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  64. When you tried to flirt, but failed.
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  65. When he sends you a dick pic while you're with a friend.
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  66. When two of your friends are meeting for the first time.
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  67. When things aren't going according to plan.
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  68. When your friend went on a date and you want details.
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  69. When you win the lottery.
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  70. When your friend judges you when you binge watch a season in a day.
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  71. When someone asks you what you do all day.
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  72. When someone asks you why something bad happened to you.
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  73. When you've got it all.
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  74. When someone asks you if you if everybody really needs to like you.
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  75. When someone calls you pathetic, and you were already well aware.
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  76. When you think people should follow your example and give up.
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  77. When you're cold.
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  78. When you're on a crowded train.
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  79. When your friend tells you great news.
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  80. When you want to make it up with nudes.
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