@list is officially alive in Amsterdam. 'Gezellig' is a specific Dutch word with no literal translation in English or any other language. It's basically having a good time with people in a cozy and positive atmosphere.
  1. @online is in Amsterdam right now, and since I live close by, we obviously had to meet up for drinks.
  2. Since I live in a country with virtually no other listers, I was always kinda jealous of the meet-ups in LA, Chicago, and other places.
  3. So getting to meet another lister here was pretty special and exciting to me.
  4. We met up at Rembrandtplein, in front of the Night Watch statues, and then walked over to the 3 Sisters Pub for drinks (it's actually the place of which you can see the red neon sign above the door in this picture).
    The Snapchat Amsterdam geofilter is further proof that it actually happened.
  5. More Snapchat evidence of our meet-up.
  6. We had a couple of beers and talked a whole bunch about a ton of different things, including every single one of you. That's right.
  7. And, like we promised, we had a beer in @federmonster's honor.
  8. Thank you so much for this lovely evening, @online! I had a great time.
    Also, if you're not following her already, you really should. She's awesome in real life and on this app.