It's about damn time I made this one. Season 4 will resume on Hulu on April 12th.
  1. When you're killing it.
  2. When your crush finally admits they have the hots for you.
  3. When your friend tells you they're in a feud with someone...
  4. ... But really they're just two basics having a bitchfest.
  5. When someone talks about their 'girl crush,' and you're not about that term.
  6. When someone doesn't properly compliment you on the killer selfie you just sent them.
  7. When someone tells you they think Macklemore is the greatest rapper out there right now.
  8. When you just made a mic-drop worthy slam, but you don't want to be too in your face about it.
  9. When you're eating something delicious you know is actually terrible for you.
  10. When someone asks you: "You know who made some really good comments on consent a while ago?"
  11. When you're feeling rebellious.
  12. When you find out that the person you're talking to is masturbating.
  13. When your boss asks you why you bought clothes with the company credit card.
  14. When someone judges one of your friends who's really into The Mindy Project, and you need to defend her.
  15. When someone asks you why you have so many dick pics stored on your phone.
  16. When your usually oblivious friend finds out one of your secrets.
  17. When your friend is trashtalking old white men, and you want in on it.
  18. When your friend can't stop talking about the movie Shame.
  19. When you want to let your significant other know what you're in the mood for.
  20. When someone tells you they understand why people like Donald Trump so much.
  21. When someone you're having sex with doesn't want to talk about something because they think it's too intimate.
  22. When a friend shows you screenshots of guys being dicks to them on Tinder.
  23. When someone sends you a winky face emoji, and it's making you very uncomfortable.
  24. When your significant other has a terrible restaurant suggestion.
  25. When you receive a nude so beautiful that it leaves you speechless.
  26. When someone disrespects you and you need to set a few things straight.
  27. When you find out one of your friends also loves Grey's Anatomy/Scandal/How To Get Away With Murder.
  28. When you need to find your confidence.
  29. When you need to motivate your friend.
  30. When your friend asks you why you just said that.
  31. When the other people in the group chat don't respect your input, and you're sick of it.
  32. When you thought you knew someone.
  33. When asks you how many people you've had sex with while you're at the opthamologist's office.
  34. When you want to find out where someone you're seeing stands on One Direction.
  35. When your friend tells you they're sick in bed.
  36. When your friend is late.
  37. When you're annoyed with your coworkers because they're spending most of their time on Facebooks.
  38. When someone shows you a picture of a baby, and you're not into that at all.
  39. When your friend tells you they've been seeing someone for a while and never told you about it.
  40. When a fat guy is rude to you about your appearance.
  41. When someone asks you how you're not letting the drama around you mess with your head.
  42. When someone asks you whether you think Justin Bieber is hot.
  43. When you and your significant other haven't had sex in a while, and you don't know how to articulate that properly.
  44. When you see that your crush is typing a message.
  45. When someone says something so dumb you can't really play nice anymore.
  46. When you really, really need a donut.
  47. When you want to make sure your friend doesn't mess something up for you.
  48. When someone talks shit about The Mindy Project.
  49. When you're sick and people in a group chat are texting you get well messages.
  50. When someone asks you who you're dating.
  51. When you just dropped some serious shade.
  52. When someone asks you about your ultimate fantasy.
  53. When you're making some sexual innuendos.
  54. When your friend confesses they slept with their ex, and you're not happy about it.
  55. When your friend ditches you for her boyfriend.
  56. When you just made out with your friend's girlfriend.
  57. When you need to warn someone.
  58. When you want to make something undramatic dramatic.
  59. When your girlfriend texts you to ask you something.
  60. When you ask someone for advice and they're not saying anything useful.
  61. When you're 100% done.
  62. When someone bothers you for no reason.
  63. When you're very bored.
  64. When you're flirting and 🔥
  65. When your friend asks you if you like the person you're dating.