Besides literally everything. Feel free to suggest things, there's way more amazing stuff than I can list by myself. (Obviously, if @nathan wants to add his own favorite moments, that would be totally okay)
  1. Nathan going undercover at a nail salon as 'a beautiful woman' by just adding a hair band and a purse to his normal appearance.
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    "You may have expected me to wear a dreas or long hair, but I believe a modern woman can present herself however she likes."
  2. Nathan rehearsing a scene from 'Smokers Allowed' and having the actress opposite him keep repeating "I love you," until he was actually physically moved.
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  3. Nathan completely taking over the identity of another man in the season finale, and going through months of training to master tight-rope walking.
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    The grandparents of the guy whose life he took over: "We love you, Corey!" Nathan, in his disguise, through a megaphone with a recording of the actual guy's voice: "Yes."
  4. Nathan deliberately smashing a plate with a cheeky smile on his face while he exits the antique store.
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  5. Nathan spending a fun day at an amusement park with a guy after he admitted that he had tricked the guy into giving him blood and urine samples to scientifically prove that he's fun to hang out with.
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    Nathan, after explaining what he did: "Am I still someone you'd want to be friends with?" The guy's reaction: "Yeah, I mean, you just took my urine. I mean, that's in the past, man."
  6. Nathan being so committed to his show that he actually extracted the urine from the urinal himself.
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  7. Nathan making this face while riding a rollercoaster with the guy he tricked into giving him blood and urine.
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  8. Nathan trying to fit in at a biker bar.
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  9. Nathan bro-ing out in the designated man zone he created in the back of a women's clothing boutique.
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  10. Nathan starting Summit Ice, the first apparel company to actively promote the true story of the holocaust.
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    He did this after he found out that the company that made his favorite jacket, Taiga, praised a known holocaust-denier in their advertising. 100% of the profits go to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre.
  11. Nathan giving de workout guru he hired a convincing disguise so he can work out at his own gym without people recognizing him.
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    Nathan did this after finding out that the guru wasn't using the gym he had set up for him in the smallest storage space you've ever seen.
  12. Nathan going through great lenghts to help a small electronics store compete with giant corporation Best Buy.
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  13. Nathan questioning people to see if they could testify against Best Buy in court.
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    "Do you recognize this man?"
  14. Nathan hiring the worst age-progression specialist he could possibly have found.
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    The guy basically just copy-pasted the faces of children on pictures of (half-naked) adults. The results were terrifying.
  15. Nathan having his sex box for kids idea tested by having adult film stars have sex very loudly next to the box while a kid was sitting inside... While Nathan stayed in the room the entire time.
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    The animation showed how he got the idea.
  16. Nathan going all out so that plus-sized people can finally go horseback riding.
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  17. Nathan playing air guitar to get the employees of a nail salon pumped.
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  18. Nathan using a pizzaria's oven to see if it could be used for cheap cremations.
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  19. Nathan's incredible voice over lines.
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  20. Nathan getting Brian Wolfe, the dickish private eye from the previous seasons, to realize that the photoshoot he did for Penthouse was actually (soft) porn.
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  21. Nathan dressing up as the manager of a local Hot Topic for a date with woman who mentioned that she's into alternative music.
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  22. When he and his new friend from Craigslist tried on silly hats to do something fun.
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    Suggested by @lizabeth
  23. When after he admitted to stealing his new friend's pee, and it was water under the bridge (heheheh) the montage of them at the amusement park was underscored by "Steal My Sunshine"
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  24. When he made The Movement book/ebook available on Amazon after the episode and it became really popular 👍
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    Suggested by @lizabeth