The sequel to my "Parks and Recreation reaction pics for every occasion" list.
  1. When you're excited for the holidays.
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  2. When someone's about to say something stupid.
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  3. When they say the stupid thing.
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  4. When the tables have turned.
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  5. When that's what she said.
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  6. When someone said it, but you're not sure about the correct pronoun.
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  7. When you understand nothing.
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  8. When your friend is telling you a painful story.
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  9. When something has gone horribly wrong (1/2)
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  10. When something has gone horribly wrong (2/2)
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  11. When your friend hasn't texted you back for way too long.
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  12. When you have a bone to pick with @bjnovak.
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  13. When your family gets too drunk at Christmas and you're sick of it.
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  14. When your friend has a ton of obligations and you have the day all to yourself.
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  15. When your favorite show makes risky choices.
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  16. When you're sexting with your girlfriend.
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  17. When your parents try to use emoticons, but don't use them right.
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  18. When you're listening to Lady Gaga.
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  19. When your friends are having fun and you're stuck at work.
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  20. When you're having a good day.
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  21. When you need another drink.
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  22. When you don't feel love.
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  23. When your parents treat you like a child.
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  24. When you have too many responsibilities.
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  25. When you've just appointed yourself as your own assistent.
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  26. When you're annoyed that people who've never done crack compare breadsticks to crack, and you think they should compare it to something from their world instead.
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  27. When Secret Santa gets out of control.
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  28. When you really can't take it anymore.
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  29. When you realize that your Secret Santa gift got out of control.
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  30. When your friend dresses up as you.
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  31. When you tricked your cute coworker into wearing ugly glasses.
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  32. When you're going to visit your family, who kept nagging you about your love life while you were single.
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  33. When you hooked up with someone on February 13th without thinking it through.
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  34. When you can't catch a break.
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  35. When someone accuses you of talking trash while you were actually talking smack.
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  36. When you've had a rough night, but you're staying positive.
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  37. When you thought that you got a card for Valentine's Day, but it turns out to be a reminder from your dentist.
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  38. When they ask you what your weaknesses are during a job interview.
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  39. When you smacked her.
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  40. When the love of your life finally asks you out.
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  41. When you're having a great time at a party.
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  42. When you just roasted your friend really well.
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  43. When you just suck.
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  44. When you want to be inclusive.
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  45. When you want to get everybody's attention.
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  46. When someone tells you it's too early for ice cream.
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  47. When the worst thing ever happens.
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    Suggested by @JenniferVazquez