The sequel to my "Parks and Recreation reaction pics for every occasion" list.
  1. When you're excited for the holidays.
  2. When someone's about to say something stupid.
  3. When they say the stupid thing.
  4. When the tables have turned.
  5. When that's what she said.
  6. When someone said it, but you're not sure about the correct pronoun.
  7. When you understand nothing.
  8. When your friend is telling you a painful story.
  9. When something has gone horribly wrong (1/2)
  10. When something has gone horribly wrong (2/2)
  11. When your friend hasn't texted you back for way too long.
  12. When you have a bone to pick with @bjnovak.
  13. When your family gets too drunk at Christmas and you're sick of it.
  14. When your friend has a ton of obligations and you have the day all to yourself.
  15. When your favorite show makes risky choices.
  16. When you're sexting with your girlfriend.
  17. When your parents try to use emoticons, but don't use them right.
  18. When you're listening to Lady Gaga.
  19. When your friends are having fun and you're stuck at work.
  20. When you're having a good day.
  21. When you need another drink.
  22. When you don't feel love.
  23. When your parents treat you like a child.
  24. When you have too many responsibilities.
  25. When you've just appointed yourself as your own assistent.
  26. When you're annoyed that people who've never done crack compare breadsticks to crack, and you think they should compare it to something from their world instead.
  27. When Secret Santa gets out of control.
  28. When you really can't take it anymore.
  29. When you realize that your Secret Santa gift got out of control.
  30. When your friend dresses up as you.
  31. When you tricked your cute coworker into wearing ugly glasses.
  32. When you're going to visit your family, who kept nagging you about your love life while you were single.
  33. When you hooked up with someone on February 13th without thinking it through.
  34. When you can't catch a break.
  35. When someone accuses you of talking trash while you were actually talking smack.
  36. When you've had a rough night, but you're staying positive.
  37. When you thought that you got a card for Valentine's Day, but it turns out to be a reminder from your dentist.
  38. When they ask you what your weaknesses are during a job interview.
  39. When you smacked her.
  40. When the love of your life finally asks you out.
  41. When you're having a great time at a party.
  42. When you just roasted your friend really well.
  43. When you just suck.
  44. When you want to be inclusive.
  45. When you want to get everybody's attention.
  46. When someone tells you it's too early for ice cream.
  47. When the worst thing ever happens.
    Suggested by   @JenniferVazquez