Who needs the actual Olympics when you can watch the 'Office Olympics' episode of The Office?
  1. Kevin Malone
    Silver medal: Flonkerton; Gold medal: Who Can Fit the Most M&M's in Their Mouth?
  2. Phyllis Lapin
    Gold medal: Flonkerton
  3. Ryan Howard
    Gold medal: Where Does The Next Person Leaving The Elevator Work?
  4. Michael Scott
    Gold medal: Closing on His Condo
  5. Dwight Schrute
    Silver medal: Unknown (Helping Michael Close on His Condo?)
  6. Jim Halpert
    Bronze medal: Unknown
  7. Static
    Watch the closing ceremony, which is without a doubt more impressive than the one they will produce in Rio, here: https://youtu.be/dm6QYiZoQAE