Thank you for the request, @kaitmaree! I have many theories on this. I really need that new season of Nathan For You.
  1. Elon Musk sent him to space to help Martians with the marketing of their local souvenir shop.
  2. He is busy traveling around the country buying people sodas who are banned from using soda machines.
  3. He is in hiding after secretly running the Trump campaign by letting a child tell Trump what to say through an ear piece, and somehow winning.
  4. He is serving time in prison after the police finally found him after a manhunt that lasted for years.
  5. He is undercover to make people forget about him, to make it easier to shoot another season of Nathan For You.
  6. He is in Switzerland, hunting ghosts.
  7. He stepped out of the spotlights to spend time with the love of his life.
  8. He is on a long vacation on a tropical island, living off residuals from his award-winning short film 'The Web,' starring Johnny Depp and Bill Gates.
  9. He locked himself into his office to finish another screenplay before an embarrassing picture of himself will be sent to his grandmother by a notary.