Thank you, @julesypeeps!
  1. Grown-ups who unironically share hideous pictures with Minions and grammatical errors on Facebook.
  2. People doing drugs in front of me.
    Maybe it's not as much freaking out, but it definitely makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Pot doesn't bother me though, but pretty much everything else does.
  3. People putting their hands into a communal snack bowl right after touching a dog or cat.
    Especially when they let them lick their hands. It's unsanitary, and rude to the other people. I love animals, but that is just plain gross.
  4. Seeing young people who seem to be completely brainwashed by religion.
    Every young Jehova's Witness I've had at the door had this vibe. Empty stare, strange and slow way of speaking, as if every bit of their original self was sucked out. This thoroughly creeps me out, and makes me feel sad for them.
  5. Walking behind a group of people who are both taking up the full width of the sidewalk and also walk way slower than I am.
  6. Working on a group project and having one or more group members flake out near the deadline.
  7. Seeing guys not washing their hands after using the bathroom. This is disgusting. Get your shit together.
  8. More bathroom stuff: guys making small talk at the urinals in a public restroom. Please leave me alone, this is annoying enough as it is.
  9. Watching someone bend their fingers in ways that fingers shouldn't bend.
    Other limbs count as well, really. So, contortionists, basically.
  10. Seeing how may followers hate-spewing and fear mongering people like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, and Geert Wilders have.
  11. Watching someone horribly injure themselves.
    Like seeing someone break their leg, for instance.
  12. People who eat horribly smelling food on crowed trains.
    Maybe eat your disgusting egg salad sandwich at home, you animal.