I'm 202 cm/6'7" tall
  1. People ask me if I play basketball all the time.
    This literally happens with about 50% of the time when I meet new people.
  2. Strangers and people I know will use me as a meeting point in large crowds.
  3. People ask me "if it's cold up there" and think that they're the first one to make that hilarious joke.
  4. Strangers like to simply point out that I'm tall by telling me, often paired with holding their hand over their eyes to make it seem like they're looking way into the distance.
  5. Clothes shopping abroad can be a pain because of the absence of proper length sizes.
  6. I'm unable to properly fit in most bath tubs.
  7. It can be physically impossible to fit behind the wheel of a car.
  8. Having to duck to get through most doorways, especially in older buildings.
  9. Having to apply some special maneuvers to take a picture with people who are a lot smaller than I am.