Thank you for this A+ request, @linzamauve! Before you read this, remember that I am 100% biased.
  1. Best profile
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    Winner: Toby the dog. More pronounced features and bonus fluffiness.
  2. Best smile
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    Winner: Toby the dog. Look at that cute smile! Toby Flenderson looks a bit creepy, to be honest.
  3. Best 'my life sucks' face
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    Winner: Toby Flenderson, hands down. It's not even close. It was so much harder to find a picture of my dog looking remotely sad. Plus, Toby Flenderson's life does kinda suck.
  4. Best crying/howling face
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    Winner: Toby the dog. They're not that comparable, really, but it's the closest I could get with either. Flenderson's crying face looks pretty ugly, and the pup's howl is adorable as hell.
  5. Best 'are you kidding me?' face
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    Winner: Toby the dog. The picture was taken on his birthday, as you may have gathered. He was not a fan.
  6. Best 'what are you looking at?' face
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    Winner: Toby the dog. The mud on his face makes it perfect.
  7. Best 'huh, what?' face
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    Winner: Toby the dog. This was a close one. Flenderson's is pretty expressive, but you just can't beat that puppy cuteness.
  8. Best hair
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    Winner: Toby the dog. This one's a landslide. Just look at that mane.
  9. Best spooked face
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    Winner: Toby the dog. Look at those big eyes!