Thanks for the request, @Lisa_Fav! They're not really ranked, but these are 15 reasons why I love having internet friends.
  1. They can give amazing advice.
    Especially on this app, internet friends are so kind, helpful and thoughtful when fhey give you advice. I think what helps in this case, is that they can read what's bothering you multiple times (if necessary), take their time to understand the issue, and then respond.
  2. They allow you to be yourself
    With internet friends, there is no reason or pressure not to be yourself. People in your direct environment can be less accepting of that and sort of force you to change the way you behave. Internet friends tend not to do that.
  3. International perspective
    It's so easy to get in touch with people from all over the world thanks to the internet. When it comes to talking to them about your issues, you will probably get different perspectives from them that is also influenced by the country or region they're from. This can lead you to see things in a way that you wouldn't have been able to if you would have kept it in your local circle. I find this very valuable.
  4. Learning more about different cultures
    More on the international perspective: talking to people from all over the world can teach you things about countries and cultures you normally wouldn't hear that much about. People usually love telling you about their countries and what they love about it (and what they dislike about it as well). It can be truly eye-opening.
  5. It's easy to find like-minded people
    The internet has made it so much easier to find people with similar interests that you can talk to. Even if it's the most niche thing you can imagine, you can probably find someone somewhere who shares it with you.
  6. They give you insight in experiences that you otherwise wouldn't have known about
    Learning about experiences that are different from your own is incredibly valuable and makes you grow as a person. Take this very well written list from @ltoiaivao about what it was like for her to grow up as a person of mixed race in a predominantly black and white environment, for instance. It's fascinating and really makes you think and learn: THOUGHTS FROM A MIXED-RACE PERSPECTIVE
  7. There's always someone to talk to
    Another advantage of having international internet friends is that thanks to time differences, there's always someone somewhere you can talk to. If you're a European insomniac for instance, you can talk to your North/South American, Asian, and/or Oceanian friends (or vice versa, of course), because chances are, they are also awake.
  8. They can help you improve your social skills
    This is very valuable. It allows you to really get to know people before you actually meet them. For people with social anxiety, this can be a good step-for-step way to make friends.
  9. Talking to them can improve your language skills
    As a non-native English speaker, talking to my internet friends in English is a great way to keep developing my English speaking and writing skills. Obviously, for other people this also applies to other languages, but this is the only one that really applies to me.
  10. They can help you to discover new interests
    Being able to get in touch with so many interesting people also means that you can get to know their interests. I can't even count how many amazing artists, tv series, movies, and other things I've discovered thanks to my internet friends.
  11. Travel tips
    Who better to give you travel tips than locals? Who knows, maybe they can even show you around! They can give you tips like @Lisa_Fav did in this awesome list about Paris: 99 THINGS TO DO IN PARIS
  12. You have yet another reason to travel
    Besides reasons like it being fun and life-enriching, you have the added bonus of meeting your internet friends in real life!
  13. They make you laugh
    A lot. The amount of lists that have made me laugh in these past few months feels infinite. You guys are hilarious.
  14. Personal space guaranteed.
    Especially for introverted people like myself, this is a big plus. Also, they won't ask you to help them move or drive them to the airport (for some people this appears to be a huge deal, according to many movies and tv shows).
  15. They might draw amazing portraits of you
    I've seen several very talented people do this on List App, and now the great @mess also drew me (thanks again, I love it): Drawings of List App Friends!🖊