Thank you for this request, @TVAddict! These characters really drive me up the wall. They're actually all TV characters except for one.
  1. Dean Forrester, Logan Huntzberger, Tristin Dugray, Christopher Hayden - Gilmore Girls
    How are almost all male characters on this show such complete trash?
  2. Johnny Drama and Vincent Chace -Entourage
    Johnny Drama is the epitome of the awful bro character. He needed to get punched in the fact more. Vince is a whiny little shit.
  3. Jimmy Tyler - The Fall
    The epitome of toxic masculinity. What an absolute piece of shit in every way. Violent, posessive, etc. I hate every character and real person who is like this.
  4. Huck and Quinn - Scandal
    Started out alright, but got more and more insufferable over time. Part of the reason why this show is such a mess and why I stopped watching it.
  5. All main characters on Girls
    This past season they were a bit more likeable, surprisingly, but before that... ugh. This also includes the male character, by the way.
  6. Todd Packer - The Office
    The worst. Begs to get punched in te face in virtually every scene he's in. I'm not crazy about David Koechner either, but I will say that he plays these types of characters very well.
  7. Ross Geller - Friends
    No explanation needed, I'm assuming.
  8. Laoghaire MacKenzie - Outlander
    Almost got Claire burned at the stake out of jealousy. She's awful.
  9. Ted Mosby - How I Met Your Mother
    Ruined the last bit of empathy I had for him in the (second half of the) finale. Tedious character. I still enjoy Josh Radnor's other work, though.
  10. Piper Chapman - Orange is the New Black
    I'm so glad she's not the main focus of the show anymore.
  11. Danny Castellano, Jody Kimball-Kinney, and Josh Daniels - The Mindy Project
    For different reasons, though Danny and Jody share quite a few. I hated Josh pretty much from the first line he spoke.
  12. Jeff Dunham (and 'Pumpkin') - 30 Rock
    I detest Jeff Dunham, so watching him get attacked by Jack Donaghy was so satisfying.
  13. Joffrey Baratheon - Game of Thrones
    Several characters on this show qualify for this list, to be honest, but none deserve it more than Joffrey. His death was SO satisfying.
  14. Al Bundy - Married with Children
    I never understood the popularity of this show, let alone of this particular character.
  15. Michael Kelso - That '70s Show
    See: Al Bundy. Also most of Ashton Kutcher's work annoys me to no end. This was no exception. I never liked this show as a whole either, but, god, is he awful.
  16. The entire main cast of The Big Bang Theory
    See: Al Bundy. God, I hate this show so much.
  17. Dandy Mott - American Horror Story: Freak Show
    I did not finish this season because it was such a ridiculous mess (in the worst way), but I hope he was brutally murdered in the finale.
  18. Dana Brody - Homeland
    She basically just moped around for a couple of seasons. Ugh.
  19. Frank Gallagher - Shameless
    He is an awful person and gets away with way too much shit. He needed to die in season 4. The fact that he's still alive is bullshit.
  20. Donald Trump - Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
    Well, obviously.