Thanks for the request, @kaitmaree! I waited a bit so I wouldn't spoil too much for people.
  1. When someone gives you a dumb nickname.
  2. When you did so well, you deserve a freeze-frame cheer.
  3. When a dull conversation suddenly turns intriguing.
  4. When someone asks you to do a second thing today??
  5. When he asks you for a sexy pic.
  6. When your mom tells you she discovered your @list account.
  7. When someone tells you you're not allowed to have any face journeys.
  8. When someone does something that's on @ltoiaivao's 'White Colonization in the 21st Century: A Beginners Guide' list.
  9. When you're drunk texting someone.
  10. When your friend asks you for your drink order.
  11. When you jokingly tell someone your life is in ruins.
  12. When your mom keeps texting you annoying questions.
  13. When you're being a proper adult.
  14. When you're in a conversation you're clearly unqualified for.
  15. When someone says they're going to watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
  16. When a friend asks you to go to a party where you know nobody.
  17. When it's the 4 of July.
  18. When someone sends you a 🖕.
  19. When someone asks you if you're having moodswings.
  20. When you completely eviscerate someone.
  21. When someone confronts you with something you thought nobody knew about.
  22. When a friend sends you an email from their AOL account.
  23. When white people decide to cast a white woman as a Native American.
  24. When you're pumped to get started.
  25. When someone on Tinder asks you to tell them a secret.
  26. When adulting is not agreeing with you.
  27. When someone is being very petty.
  28. When you get a dick pic out of the blue.
  29. When your notifications suddenly blow up...
  30. And you can't help but have a
  31. Dramatic
  32. Face
  33. Journey.
  34. When the person you're seeing wants to sext, and you want to add a musical element.
  35. When a friend asks you how you killed your neighbor.
  36. When someone brings up something painful from your past.
  37. When someone asks you how you can't care about a certain issue, and you want to show them how.
  38. When someone is weaving very strange sentences.
  39. When someone tells you they're warming up to Donald Trump.
  40. When your friend asks you what you want to do together this weekend.
  41. When you have no idea what someone is talking about, and you want to stay polite about it.
  42. When someone just won't take "no" for an answer and it's driving you nuts.
  43. When you're riding the New York subway for the first time.
  44. When you're indifferent, but like, way cool.
  45. When someone asks you if they can have some of your pizza, but you don't want to share.
  46. When your significant other asks you if you want to come with them to their family weekend.
  47. When you need to explain comment sections to someone from the 90s.
  48. When someone notices you got a haircut.
  49. When your friend is showing off their new clothes, and you're not impressed.
  50. When you and your friend agree on something.
  51. When a friend asks you why your date went badly.
  52. When someone asks you what you're writing.
  53. When someone you liked turns out to be a member of the pro life movement.
  54. When someone says something offensive about werewolves.
  55. When you want to thank someone in French.
  56. When someone asks you how gay you are.
  57. When you get a dick pic.
  58. When a show kills off your favorite character.
  59. When you're being devilish.
  60. When you need to pretend that you're still religious for your parents.
  61. When someone texts you "I'm inside the house..."
  62. When that person asks you how you could possibly react so calm to a text like that.
  63. When the person your friend is seeing is being shitty to them.
  64. When you're 100% done with something.
  65. When you reluctantly agree.
  66. When your friend says something embarrassingly white.
  67. When someone tricked you into going to a taping of The Big Bang Theory.
  68. When you thought you could trust someone.
  69. When you cancel plans with friends.
  70. When you've made your point in a discussion