Some people just have a face that's made for punching. I took the liberty to put forth two fine candidates, but I'm very curious to see the ones you deem worthy of the title. Add your contenders!
  1. Martin Shkreli
    The shitbag who had his pharmaceutical company raise the price of a drug that treats HIV-related infections by 5000% and then basically gloated about it.
  2. Ted Cruz
    It may not come as a surprise to you that so far it has been virtually impossible for journalists to find someone who met him at some point, and actually liked him. That includes colleagues, old roommates, and probably family.
  3. TRUMP
    Suggested by   @feminist
  4. Michael Scott
    I get the feeling Steve Carrell is a good guy so we'll just go with his character
    Suggested by   @mirthnuts
  5. Teresa Giudice
    I just. Can't.
    Suggested by   @TVAddict
  6. Len Kachinsky
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  7. Justin Bieber
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  8. Ann Coulter
    All my first picks were already taken, but I'd heartily throw my fist into her face if the opportunity presented itself.
    Suggested by   @michellejennifer
  9. Ethan Couch aka Affluenza Teen
    Suggested by   @aus10
  10. Liam
    TBH I'm irritated with some of his choices rn.
    Suggested by   @lesleyann
  11. The Uconn Mac and Cheese kid
    Watch that video it's hilarious http://youtu.be/pup7ux2WKlM
    Suggested by   @chrisgill
  12. Billy Zane
    I just really can't stand that guy. He's like a slimy, off brand Brendan Fraser.
    Suggested by   @brittanyjoy
  13. Ken Katz
    So hard
    Suggested by   @alanarogerrrrs