1. Rapper Too Short Caught Wearing Lifts, Stilts, Richard Marx Wig (1998)
  2. Sunshine Band Threaten Unionization (1977)
  3. Don Meredith Caught on Tape: 3-5 Hours for Tea "Just Too Damn Long" (1986)
  4. Iron Eyes Cody Spied With Unidentified Paramour Canoodling in Canoe (1971)
  5. Iowa Teen Laughed Out of School After Getting "The Rachel"--Was He a Victim of Discrimination? (1996)
  6. Rollie Fingers Signs Endorsement Deal with Huffy (1976)
  7. Justin Bieber Born (1994)
  8. Ron Glass, Rodney Allen Rippy to Star in Willie Tyler & Lester Biopic (1977)
  9. SATANIC PANIC WATCH: "Magic Garden" Cast Under Fire for Occultism (1985)
  10. CBS signs Ted Shackelford for Leg Up in "Battle of Network Stars" Comp, "Acting Just a Bonus" (1983)