1. Static
    A timeless treasure of one of the world's most revolutionary discoveries - light. Tecnolumen knocked it out of the park on this reissue. True to spec, sterling silver parts, only 50 made. Desk lamp with adjustable arms and rotating head. Integral transformer in base. Each fixture is consecutively numbered and bears logo. This specific model meshes extreme craftsmanship with an understated, modern design.
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    When people ask me what the one thing I've purchased under $5 that completely changed my life, my answer, without hesitation, is the Godis 14 oz clear glassware set. If you know of a glassware set that has the versatility, drinkability, and impermeability of this classic set by Godis, I would love to hear about it....I'll wait.
  3. Static
    The Aspen Green Pearl exterior paint scheme run, in limited quantities, by Toyota between the years 2002-2006. Pretty self explanatory here - still waiting for a modern make and model to take as big a risk as Toyota did on these. It pays off.
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    First off, let me say that I hate ABBA's album Ring Ring (or should I say 'Not Into It'). The 1997 remastered version on the other hand...💯🔥💯🔥