The decade known as the eighties chewed up and spat out a lot of great artists. It then hacked up a hairball similar in appearance to the coifs of these rock luminaries.
  1. Rod Stewart
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    The front of Rod's do went full business the day he released his first "American Songbook" album.
  2. David Bowie
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    Bowie's Ziggy Stardust's mullet is awesome. This shellacked blonde monstrosity is worse than his "Dancing in the Street" jumpsuit.
  3. Paul McCartney
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    I can imagine the Post-Beatles loss of awesome must have been tough but there are better ways to cope. Like drugs.
  4. Phil Collins
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    In his never ending quest to out-cool Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins tried for a trendy cool mullet. He failed on all fronts.
  5. Bono
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    Live Aid, brought to you by famine and flat irons. Being Irish means you never go out of style because you were never in it to start.