It's been a couple of years now since I moved from my apartment in Manhattan, to a house in the suburbs... we have a much bigger living space, with a backyard and BBQ grill. But there are some things you just learn to appreciate when you no longer have them.
  1. Seamless
    Coming home from a long day of work and being able to order pretty much any cuisine at any time of night is a huge benefit. These days, delivery is either pizza or Chinese, and only until about 10:00
  2. Built in exercise
    Walking everywhere keeps you active even in days you are too busy or tired for the gym
  3. Free activities
    Any given day, there are a ton of free concerts, classes, exhibits, children's activities to take advantage of
  4. Walking through a taping of SVU
    Or any other movie or show being filmed in the area. Also a good chance of a random celebrity sighting
  5. Postmates
    A life saver for helping do my errands when I was pregnant and too tired to get off the couch after work