What the Twilight Series and Season 1 of True Blood taught me about living life.
  1. It is O.K to sleep all day
    Good afternoon! It's all good. It's ok to leave your apartment at noon ... as long as you are ready to kill it - literally! Apparently, Vampires have the the all day to get ready, no wonder they are notoriously good looking.
  2. A man is either a pet or is dead
    Who doesn't want to spend their whole life with their dog? Unfortunately, a person need things that animals are not good for. Vampire flicks have taught me that the best it's ever going to get is when you're dead, or, until death do us part. So, just learn how to take care of yourself for now. As Cher once said, sex is a luxury.
  3. Good sex = Love
    Another thing vampire flicks have taught me is that you don't need to spend a particularly significant amount of time with your significant other, as long as the sex is good, it's probably going to work out. 😁
  4. Silver is tacky
    Large silver chains have a medieval history often associated with an inquisitive class of people A.K.A : trolls. Let's all do ourselves (and our vampire friends) a favor and keep the ice at home, and and off of my news feed.
  5. I want to be a vampire
    Trying to be young forever usually doesn't work out, but when you're a vampire, you are ageless! But make sure you get that work done before - just ask the Kardashians.