1. We've never woken up drunk on each other's floors.
  2. You have never said "Did you see my snapchat?"
  3. That you know that wedges can be worn comfortably for long amounts of time
  4. You don't go get 3 meatballs and pretzel sticks from a graduation party we weren't invited to
  5. Didn't dress as any Family Guy characters.
  6. You draw neck tattoos on me
  7. You don't invite strangers to continue on the Halloween beer crawl with you
  8. You've never asked my friends to see their "tits"
  9. You've never taken me to live hip-hop
  10. You don't get your hair done in Pueblo
  11. You don't sit on my lap
    But you do!!
  12. You let me leave before 12am
  13. You never wore a shirt that says imma put 10 dicks in my mouth