I've lived here for 7 years and 4 months.
  1. People will think you're smart just because of your accent.
    Do your best to play along. They get really disappointed when they find out you're not.
  2. When in doubt, tip.
    I still find myself thinking, "should I tip this person? What if I'm not meant to and they think I'm tacky." Just remember: no one will ever say no to free money. Have you?
  3. You need to start building credit right now.
    So don't just get a credit card, use it. But not too much. Confused? Yep, me too. Having a little bit of debt is better than being seemingly responsible and having no debt whatsoever. Go figure.
  4. Some people are carrying guns.
    And, depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to see them. Yay! Have fun knowing that.
  5. Don't assume anyone agrees with you about anything.
    I try to just smile politely if a difficult subject like race or politics ever comes up in conversation, but i also recommend sticking your fingers in your ears and slowly backing out of the room. Whatever works.