To an English person.
  1. There are commercials DURING the game.
    Literally thousands of them. Don't people find it annoying?
  2. Baseball coaches wear uniforms.
    Like, what's the point? If all the players got sick, would the coach actually play?
  3. Away fans can sit with home fans.
    No one is worried they'll rip each other to shreds, and that's a really novel idea to me.
  4. There aren't any fan chants.
    It's almost as if they don't want to tell the other team's fans how shit they are.
  5. Teams are okay calling themselves the "world champions."
    Even if it's in a sport no one else in the world plays
  6. They interview players at half time.
    Before the game is done and when I would think they have more important things on their mind.