There are so many.
  1. Most David Bowie songs
  2. All Neutral Milk Hotel songs
  3. When Margot gets off the bus
  4. When the gate closes on Royal Tenanbaum
  5. Any mention of Dolley Madison
  6. The preamble of the Constution
  7. Mr Rogers clips curated by Facebook
  8. Sports documentaries
  9. Liverpool fans singing "You Will Never Walk Alone"
  10. Nico songs (see #2)
  11. Lauren Hill's voice
  12. The opening part of Manhatten
  13. Young people acting out in their values
  14. Oppressed people fighting back
  15. Those kids in The Wire that take care of themselves/each other
  16. Fancy shirts that remind me of Daisy in The Great Gatsby