Honestly, my first two years of college sucked. Here is how I'm going to make the third year not suck.
  1. Take actual care of my mental health
    Make a mood diary, start journaling, meditate, etc.
  2. Actually care about things
    Apathy sucks but sometimes is better than feeling what you actually feel. I don't want to be apathetic anymore
  3. Have a good sleep schedule
    Don't start studying at 9:30pm after wasting the whole day. Manage my time, sleep early and get up early
  4. Eat better
    I'm a nutrition major. You would think I wouldn't have to put this on a list, but I have a tendency to eat my feelings so 😕
  5. Exercise
    Work out three times a week. It doesn't have to be intense even 3 minutes on the elliptical is good
  6. Join a non academic organization
    Do something that means something and meet actual people
  7. Put in genuine effort to improve my communication skills
    Genuine. Effort.
  8. Put effort into my appearance
    I feel good when I look good. Wear contacts and lipstick and things that are not crumpled t-shirts
  9. Create a healthy and safe space for me to be myself
    I don't know how to elaborate
  10. Put serious effort into academics
    Because I half-assed basically everything last year and barely got away with it. I'm better than that.
  11. Stop putting myself down