Ear Nightingale describes success as the progressive realization of worthy goals. Meaning first you set not just any goal but a WORTHY goal, it has to be worthy to YOU. Then you make progress towards realizing the goal. So as soon as you start making progress you are already succeeding.
  1. Be happy first!
    Most of us have always thought that the order in which to do thing ms to get happiness is to first be successful then you'll be happy, first find love and then be happy, first get material things and then be happy...But the reality is that it can work the other way around and it's better. Be happy first and then you'll get success, love, and wealth. How to be happy? It's easier than you think. http://bit.ly/1IrFwdd
  2. Set worthy goals but ask yourself this one question. ???
    Am I really really gonna go after these goals? Or do I just like the IDEA of having these goals? As you can see there is a world of a difference between the two. Always check your intention. Have you really intended to seek and fulfill your goals?
  3. Progress towards your goals.
    Make a plan, visualize yourself vividly obtaining your goals. Visualize the sights, sounds, feelings, and smells of the exact moment when you reach them.
  4. Remove the word "failure" from your vocabulary.
    Failure is just a word and it has a specific dictionary meaning. The problem is the stigma and emotions we attach to a word, and what that does is that it adds extra weight to it. It makes the word heavy and burden like. And that's what you have to change. Instead of using the word failure, try any of these: opportunity, learning lesson, success ingredient, stepping stone, research, training, or practice.
  5. Break down your goals into tiny bits.
    You can have the worthiest of goals but if you try to swallow it whole you might choke and give up really fast. Break the goal down into small chunks. For example if you want to loose weight, set a goal for the year then break it down into months or weeks. And just focus on the small chunks one at a time. It's better to have modest goals that you can succeed with the grandest of goals that will make you quit in short time. You have to see your goal accomplishing mechanism as a muscle, work it.
  6. Set some solid stakes.
    By far the best method for getting real results in the pursuit of any goal is to have some good and solid stakes. You are more motivated by the fear of loosing something than by gaining or winning something. So set some reasonable stakes. Bet some one that you'll pay them money if you don't meet your goal. Or bet that you'll donate money to an organization you really don't like. You need to have some kind of accountability mechanism and this is the best one.
  7. Ask for help.
    If you're on a path to a certain goal, chances are there many others on the same path. Seek them and ask for help. And share your vision and what you have learned this far. Negative people abound and you are sure to have them all around you. But it's up to you to take control and actively choose who you surround yourself with.
  8. For additional advice read this: http://bit.ly/1ndUeuA