1. Never drink alone.
    Except when eating pizza. Can't have pizza without a beer!
  2. Everyone has their own way of doing things
    You may not agree -- but, watch & listen. You will always learn something!
  3. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around.
    How boring it would be if everyone was the same.
  4. You can always be married, you can't always be single.
    It took me a long time to understand what she meant (even though I've been married for 32 years). It takes a strong, independent person to live life alone -- not everyone can do that.
  5. It's more fun to milk cows than do dishes.
    Back in the 1920's anyway!
  6. Creativity is a matter of attitude
  7. Travel to as many places as you can while you can.
    The older you get, the harder it gets. However she went to Belize in her 90's.
  8. Find a man that can dance.
    Unfortunately, I must not have listened to everything she said.
  9. Never let anyone water down your martini.
    Not even on your 100 birthday.
  10. Never let anyone try to trick you with "Free" wine.
    Not even on your 101 birthday. It's not wine!!
  11. Never be idle.
    Socialize, bake, cook, create, crosswords.
  12. Take walks in the woods.
    And find Indian Pipes, or other wild flowers.
  13. Find time to sit in front of a fire.
    Fireplace or bonfires, either works.
  14. If you swallow wrong --it went down Thursday's pipe and it's only Tuesday.
    My kids say: "I have a Tuesday Thursday thing" going on."
  15. Say the rosary everyday. And pray for everyone.
    Haven't quite gotten there. Sorry mom.
  16. If you loose something -- pray to St. Anthony.
    Seriously, it works.
  17. "I won't call you, you call me."
    Children have lives, work and children of their own. Widowed at age 58 (never dated or remarried). She took pride in her independence.
  18. Have a positive attitude --always!
    How you live to be a healthy, happy 103.
  19. Create a home where people can "put their feet up"