1 year later.
  1. I don't watch the shows we used to watch together.
    Even if it was something I watched before we were together, I don't watch it.
  2. I talk outloud in the car as if you were there.
  3. I hope that your new marriage fails.
  4. I wear socks to bed sometimes because you hate when I do that.
  5. I hate Shiba Inus now, even though I did love your stupid chicken shit dog.
  6. Women with any of your physical traits make me sick, even though I'm attracted to all of those things.
  7. I can't imagine trusting a woman again.
  8. Part of me still wishes I had chosen to fight him when I had the chance. The other part of me knows it wouldn't have made a difference.
  9. You're a whore and you'll always be a whore.
    It's going to be really sad when you're the sloppy belligerent cougar no one wants to make eye contact with at a bar, trying to find a young man to marry you with nothing but the promise of your worn out saggy asshole. You will never change. People never change.