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  1. A book that dad gave away after he got it as a present from daughter (obviously trying to salvage relationship) on Father's Day 2007
  2. I was really proud of him
  3. ...
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  1. Going to bathroom whilst on bus back from New York
  2. Telling friend I think they, with a doubt, treat me very poorly and don't support me as an artist
  3. Letting myself relax in the slightest. Because if my brain is without distraction for less than a second it will convince itself I am worthless and unable to function as a human being.
    This is also a slight manic depressive state of mind
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  1. Almost Famous- Cameron Crowe
    It's the only world that matters to me.
  2. Persona- Ingmar Bergman
    Actress having identity crisis? Shutting down? Questioning how much of her life is an act? Check. Check. Aaaaaaaaaand check.
  3. Léon: The Professional - Luc Besson
    Little girl with low-key fetish for older men.
  4. Ghost World- Terry Zwigof
    A cynical Scarlett Johansson working at a coffee shop, coming to terms with adulthood and dreaming about sleeping with boys in bands.