Guilty pleasures I'm not at all guilty about
  1. Harry Styles
    The bullet that inspired this list. You guys. I love Harry Styles with my whole entire heart in the kind of way where I have a poster of his face and the words "Harry Stiles" that I hang right over my trash can.
  2. ABC Family
    Or, more accurately, getting way too emotional about ABC Family shows.
  3. Boxed wine & ginger ale
    Cheap, delicious, thirst quenching, will make your vomit neon: it's everything I look for in a way to get Fucked Up
  4. Astrology
    Taurus sun with an Aquarius moon ✌🏽️✌🏽. If I ever ask you your sign in casual conversation, know that I'm 20% joking but I'm also 80% completely serious.
  5. My mommy & some family time every now and then
    I love my mom a lot lot lot and now that I don't really live at home anymore will sometimes make lists of everything I want to talk to her about next time I see her
  6. Taylor Swift
    I like to describe Taylor as my cool young aunt who I would never be friends with if we weren't related, but always gives me advice and keeps me updated on what food is ~in (are cronuts still a thing???)
  7. The Bachelorette
    Every summer for the past two summers I have binge watched the bachelorette and I have loved every second of it.
  8. Young Adult Lit
    Literally nothing makes me happier than reading some non-conventional young adult lit. Aka, not about friendships over romantic relationships or about queer relationships or about some non-white kiddos. Also, wtf. Why are we all pretending we love The Classics™ when The Raven Cycle exits????
  9. Basically the bottom line is when you find something that brings you joy, embrace the heck out of it!!!! Love loving everything!!! Don't let society's obsession with devaluing things that appeal to young women keep you from laughter and smiles and exuberance!!!!!!!!!!