I'm traveling alone in Nicaragua. I got here yesterday and brought a cold with me. This is every single thought I have had.
  1. The air is so beautiful and this hostel is so chill and I'm so gd excited to go out there and meet some people and eat some fruit!!!!!!
  2. I've been walking for an hour and I've already drank all my water and sweat it all out
  3. My head hurts :((((
  4. Ty teddy bear man of my dreams for seeing my sad lil face and offering to hang out with me for lunch
  5. I very much appreciate the gesture my new buddy but fried pork and yuka is not my fave!!!!
  6. You are standing over a Nicaraguan city with a Nicaraguan person talking about Nicaraguan history!!!!! Go you!!!!!!
  7. Oh my god I'm so tired
  8. Ty teddy bear man of my dreams for driving me back to said chill hostel
  9. I'm literally SO TIRED
  10. How many days did I sign up for """chilling""" in this country
  11. I can literally feel the build-up of mucus dripping into my brain
  12. I want to sleep for 12 hours and then curl up and watch Netflix for the next 12
  13. Who the heck do you think you are!! Remember the fruit!! Remember the people!!!!! Remember ADVENTURAS!!!!
  14. Okay but literally how many days did I sign up for
  15. Wtf you are so lucky to be here don't even look at that calendar
  16. 24 days. You signed up for 24 days.
  17. Okay okay cool. Next steps. Where ya headin next.
  18. Great q
  19. Okay these bus systems seem p solidly doable but like then what do I do
  20. Like how do I get from the bus to my hostel
  21. It's so cool that I get to figure all of this out myself. It's so cool that I'm like HERE in this COUNTRY and get to like make some mistakes
  22. Like chances are by the end of tomorrow I will know the answer to that question and I will have figured it out all by myself
  23. It's 10 is it now appropriate to go to sleep
  24. More mucus is hitting my brain by the second
  25. What percentage of those 24 days do you think you need to be Active
  27. Maybe like 96% of them though
  28. Listen. You're alone and you're sick and it's okay if you gotta take a day or two at some point.
  29. You are going to meet people and you are going to have adventures and most of the time it's going to be great but not all of the time and that's OKAY.
  30. Is a mango and a beer an appropriate dinner