When I need a laugh, a boost or an awwww I turn to these!
  1. HawkeyHuey
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    This 5 yr old son of a @NatGeo photographer takes better instant pics than I ever could. http://instagram.com/hawkeyehuey
  2. CrazyJewishMom
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    I am not Jewish and my mom does do some crazy stuff on occasion but this account makes me feel like my mom ain't so bad. http://instagram.com/crazyjewishmom
  3. NASA
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    I mean, come on. Space. http://instagram.com/nasa
  4. LucyFarted
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    She's just a bulldog living her best life. Mostly with her tongue flopped out. http://instagram.com/lucyfarted
  5. IAmLauraWells
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    She's a model so of course she gorgeous. And perfectly tan. But she's also considered "plus size" and isn't afraid to eat. She's gorgeous but makes you feel like you could be that kind of gorgeous too. http://instagram.com/iamlaurawells
  6. EditLab
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    DC-based architecture firm for some of the best restaurants, bars and clubs shares snippets of design and food that makes you *swoon* http://instagram.com/edit_lab_
  7. RedHongYi
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    She's an artists who's main mode of expression is food. (That's broccoli in the pic.) Check out her dot matrix prints with materials like red onions and kale! http://instagram.com/redhongyi