I say their, because It feels more like a their than an our.
  1. They will be hurt
    They will also think that god is punishing them and that I will go to hell
  2. They will get angry
    Because also, "what will people say about us,? What will our dear friends say?!"
  3. They will hate? /disown
  4. They will try to take me to the country they work in, to keep an eye on me
  5. They will cut me off financially
    Sadly I live rentfree in their house (they don't live in it all the time)
  6. They pay for my tuition
  7. I love them but.. should I keep this from them?
  8. Even if I tell them then break up, I'm sure they'll see me differently, and even though I know their perceptions are skewed, the idea hurts
  9. What should I do?