Inspired by @torrami
  1. It was 2029
  2. We lived in the same apartment, we had never talked, but always had polite smile exchanges when we crossed each other in the hall or elevator.
  3. There was a giant sinkhole by the building,
    and we were all evacuated
  4. I said something really weird about how I wanted to go in there and see how it looks like
  5. He laughed, realized the oddity, but enjoyed it as well, and we both concocted weird imaginative stories about the world beneath and how wars in their world caused the sinkhole.
  6. Saw him a few days later, talked a little bit, was nothing really, but we were both friendly to each other.
  7. A few weeks later I was with a friend at a food fest when we bumped into him, we talked some more, then we all exchanged numbers, because it turns out that he and my friend have common friends
  8. we kept seeing each other in the building
    but we just say hi talk a bit then go about our day
  9. One day I hang with my friend and her friends, and he shows up as well, we played board games, it was fun
  10. we then kept doing such gatherings until we all became good friends
  11. I developed a huge crush on him, but never told him.
  12. we were good friends, but I couldn't have him finding out abt my feelings
  13. so I married him in my head, for a while
  14. until we divorced because of lack of communication, and him finding someone much better suited for him. our 12 year old son hates our guts and now lives with one of our parents
  15. but we remained friends, and I got over the divorce, cuz after all, he didn't even know what he did, so it stopped being his fault