I'm in a relationship and I'm still surprised at myself (the good stuff)

  1. it's been 4 months
    I never thought I'd make it past the 1st date, now at least I know I can do a few months!
  2. I am a person that makes no sense when communicating orally, and for some very weird reason I don't need to keep rephrasing things for him to understand what I'm saying.
  3. I still have a lot of insecurities
  4. I still bottle things
    until he notices (and he notices easily :( ), and doesn't go anywhere before we talk abt everything, (unless i really want him to go/gimme space). I always feel really good after we talk
  5. He is almost completely unjudgemental
    I still worry about what he might think of me, and doubt a few things, but not dysfunctionally.
  6. We both sort of need some space sometimes and respect each other's space (at least, I hope I do)
    so it works
  7. We can still be friends afterwards
    at least if the end was amicable and no one did anything wrong
  8. He's okay/good with all the things that everyone doesn't like about me
  9. we try to understand each other and work through things accordingly