don't judge me people, I have been single for 7 years. ok maybe that doesn't even count, SINGLE FOREVER. but I decided to get back in the game, or just.. access the game for the first time ever.
  1. ——okay so let's say you went on a dating site, and started talking to a guy, or a girl or many guys or girls, whatever, after you trade digits:
  2. What's the general time limit to go on a coffee date/date?
  3. HOW DO YOU F*****G get them to carryout a normal conversation?
    No, I don't want to dirty talk, or flirt so much really, I wanna know who the f you are!
  4. How do you schedule the first meet up?? what's expected of you then?
  5. How and when do you tell the other person if you want to or not want to see each other again?
  6. MOST IMPORTANTLY, how do you tell them, nicely that you're no longer interested and want to cancel that first date idea?
    this stuff is too much work. I don't think I'm made for this stuff.
  7. cuz I GIVE UP, 3 days into the "attempt dating" world
    And I GIVE UP