I'm sure you've had days like this too. I also hope phones don't suddenly become destruction-proof
  1. Right now
    Just sent a.. A little too emotionally honest text (at least I think I did) and since I said "fuck it" and pressed send. I should definitely burn my phone, that'll def protect me from the consequences
  2. When I texted my ex that I missed him
    that was many years ago, but I still cringe at the memory of my actions. STOP BEING SO UGHH WOMAN!!
  3. When I received a text from a friend that I'm avoiding
    Because I can't face my problems, or tell them what's not working in our friendship, or what hurts me, I just avoid. Hey can you hand me that torch please?
  4. When I get a looooooong voice note on whatsapp from my mother that is basically a 10 min "lecture", on religion..
    Sure she lives oceans away. I love you mom, but you know, I don't want to hear them, and have to lie to you and say that I'm uber religious, because that'd be a lie, and I don't wanna be honest either, because I don't wanna hurt you.
  5. When I once fought with my sister, hung up on her (I was actually shocked too), and she kept calling me back.. To yell at me...
    Leaaaaave me aloneeeeee
  6. When I should reply or send a text to someone, and be very honest with them.
    I can be honest, as long as it doesn't result in you yelling at me, or thinking I'm bad, or just plane disposing of me.
  7. Excuse me, I need to go check that stupid phone now.
    Heelp help heeeelp