When the person you go to for support gives you anything but
  1. "why are you so whiny?"
    you know what? yes I was being whiny, but I needed to vent, that was it. It doesn't matter if you think what's upsetting me is stupid, it's NOT STUPID TO ME THAT's why it UPSETS ME.
  2. "I bet you're getting your period soon"
    yes thank you, of course all my feelings no matter how fucked up are only the result of my period approaching :)
  3. "ugh stop with the whining"
    you know you can just listen and then tell me that I'll be okay when I distract myself and surround myself with things I can cope with. thanks so much btw
  4. "I don't like this new you"
    thank you. really, I love feeling worse, really also regret calling you.
  5. yea, sisters are awesome.