Rip my little furry companions. May you run and frolic through fields of green and rays of sunshine with rainbow sprinkles. Perhaps you dwell in a box of Lucky Charms...
  1. Belle- yellow lab circa 197? You lived 13 years hunting bird by day and snoozing at the foot of my bed by night. Your only infraction was eating your puppies.
  2. Indigo- blackish blue Great Dane. You were amazing. You waited at the bus stop every day when I got out of school. You almost bit my nose off once, but hey...I totally deserved it since I tried to share your dinner. You were shot in our front yard in Atlanta and I am still looking for that/those son of a bitches. Be afraid...
  3. Heidi- white rabbit. Loved ❤️❤️❤️ Followed me everywhere and used a litter box. Sadly, You ate my stepfathers pot plant. I came home from school and you were gone 😫😭
  4. Cloudy- grey and white Persian cat. You were so vain. Thought every song was about you. Clouds in coffee- yada yada... You were beautiful. You played hide and seek, fetched like a dog and growled like bear cub. Took you to the vet when you were 10 with a case of eczema. They shaved you- you looked in the mirror (I'm assuming) and had a stroke. 😖
  5. Shasta- golden retriever. My ex husband took you hunting when you were a mere pup. You heard the gun shot and took off. Forever. Should have been a sign.
  6. Mackey- the greatest Jack Russell that ever graced the planet. High pitched bark, peeing behind furniture, yelping at bricks- always had a smile on your face. You lived 14 years, were brought back to life once. Miss you, white friend!
  7. Countless gold fish. Don't remember their names. Call me a slut. Whatever.