My Listroduction™

Allow myself to introduce myself
  1. Hi! I'm Jess. [full name is Jessica but sometimes it's just too damn long, so I prefer Jess.]
    Who's that's Jess!
  2. Born and raised in Seattle, so I love my Seahawks. And the Sonics. Don't get me started on how mad the OKC Thunder makes me.
  3. I'm an LA transplant and have been here for 5 years.
  4. I have severe passion ADD [and real ADD] and am always thinking about new things to do/make/see/try.
    My job as a graphic designer is a good fit for me.
  5. Arrested Development is my favorite show of all time.
  6. I love rap and hip hop music. Some pop. Some rock. Some alt. But mostly rap and hip hop.
    Kanye, Jay, Lil Wayne, Drake, Future, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Tupac, etc etc.
  7. I've been gluten free since before it was trendy. And yes I'm GF because I have to be. Who willingly gives up bread?!
    But I do love that there are now so many options.
  8. I tell myself and others I like to run, but secretly I get so bored.
  9. I'm a huge Lebron fan.
    I played basketball my whole life and was always #23 like him.
  10. I've been told I look like Anna Kendrick. It's a huge compliment so please don't burst my bubble. 😜
    I did a snapchat face swap to prove that we are BASICALLY TWINS.
  11. I love to travel. I'm itching to get to Iceland and to climb Macchu Pichu
  12. I love sports and went through a phase where I thought about quitting my job and going back to school to become a sports announcer.
  13. Coffee is my favorite but I can't have too much caffeine for fear I'll bounce off walls.
  14. I haven't seen the last Harry Potter or read the last book. So don't tell me how it ends.