a moment in Bethesda
  1. That's since I'm pushing on spinsterhood I should go into real estate.
  2. "I never thought a dead bee would sting."
    a literal dead bee on the ground stung her but hey we can get deep w this one.
  3. She didn't have any friends as a child so she grew pansies.
  4. Her father didn't have a car until she was 7 so he rode an Arabian horse or a large donkey that does not exist here or maybe anymore.
  5. That Queen Farah imported bright green parrots with a red streak around the neck from India and let them loose all around Tehran. One day my grandma saw that her apricot tree was all green but it was only a bunch parrots eating all the apricot petals. She said that really sucked.
    she obvi didn't use the word "sucked".
  6. "I don't like long life."
  7. "I don't sit down because it hurts"
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