hello rain, who the fuck are you?
  1. woke up at 3am to that ever so missed sound and immediately thought of my back window being rolled down. thought, "fuck it. just some rain. the inside of cars get wet all the time."
  2. realized said rain was not letting up, threw a towel over my head and walked outside into the madness in my nightgown. (yes bc I'm Blanche fucking Dubois)
  3. rolled up the window. felt proud of myself for being mildly responsible for my cheap ass car. thought to myself, "you probably won't see this much rain for another year. why don't we just sit here and watch it?"
  4. thought about the beautiful sound of rain and how I missed home for it and how the drought blah blah. thought of the movie Water World a lot. thought of that girl who was in Corrina, Corrina & Andre. thought more about thirsty plants and coyotes. drought. sound machines that sound like this to help you sleep.
  5. just woke up in said car with said towel over my head. classic.