and sometimes still do.
  1. raw pasta
    It was strictly elbow and then I wised up to angel hair. I would eat it mostly when I was reading or watching a movie. The dentist told me I chipped most of my teeth and my back molars had been ground down so at age 14 I quit it. But this year I kinda picked back up.
  2. Grape chewable Tylenol 4 kids
    Ate a whole bottle and had to go to the doctor at age 5. Shit is like kid candy crack- what'd they think I was gonna do!?
  3. Nesquick powdered chocolate
    Take the can. Take a spoon. Scoop and insert into mouth for 10 minutes of chocolate dry mouth turned syrup party.
  4. String cheese
    The string cheese wasn't eaten in secret but I would stuff the wrappers into the couch so there was no evidence of how much string cheese and it'd really piss my mom off.
  5. Temptee cream cheese
    Straight out the pink container w my finger.
  6. Mayonnaise
    On everything. . . and sometimes alone. The main way was straight on toast which scarred @collier for quite some time.
  7. Butter
    Straight up would put half a stick in the middle of a bowl of hot popcorn and then drag each kernel down the stick and in my mouth. (That somehow got dirty in the end)