a growing list
  1. It's gotta be really hard to eat and love crappy Chinese food and then become vegan.
  2. Lizzy Kaplan makes me feel ways no one ever has.
  3. No matter how many times you fold the laundry, you'll never be done.
  4. @collier should have surprised me with matching custom embroidered denim overalls by now.
  5. A web of zip lines going across Los Angeles could actually be a solution.
  6. There are hidden tunnels in Los Feliz where Walt Disney did bad stuff.
  7. Picnic Table #29
    google it.
  8. You use different map apps for different times of day. In a pickle w time? Waze. In a pickle w no time? Google maps. Fuck it, I don't care when I get there? Apple maps.
  9. Hmph
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  10. Sometimes the sound mix on Love & Radio makes you feel like you're tripping balls.
  11. Driving on the 101 to the 110 to the 10 is like being in a video game that you never get good at and always stays on level HARD.
  12. People generally don't know how much to pack.
  13. I really like the smell of an airport baggage claim. Everyone is sweating relief and airport food. The perfume and cologne is heightened. Natural odors in full effect.
    don't yuck my yum.