1. You try to trick yourself into thinking that you're still sleeping so you can keep the session going.
  2. You realize the person with whom you're having sex with in the dream is actually a hideous horrible person but you still don't care.
  3. While you masturbate to finish said sex dream your mind starts to wonder to the meaning of this dream and why the fuck you are having sex with this literal ogre.
  4. You cum and feel somewhat satisfied but realize you should find someone rad IRL who will fuck you enough so you don't dream about fucking the scum of the universe while being super into it.
  5. Also, that it's 4am and there's no way you are going back to sleep so might as well make a list on the ole list app that you reserve for when you're that golden kind of hung over where you think that everything you say or think is brilliant. DROP THE MIC.
  6. here. take this.
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