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  1. WHAT
    Personal lists about how my interactions with human resources (HR) could help better other companies or people's experiences
  2. WHY
    We spend 1/3 of our adult lives at work. If we could make it as fulfilling and enriching, and with the least amount of pain as they could be, imagine how beneficial that would help in the other 2/3 of that time afforded to us (yes, even Beyoncé). Also, I'm pissed at some of the things I've seen and gone through, and I wish that on no one, even my enemies
  3. HOW
    Listing is my jam, and I'll update them when I can. I will make mistakes, I will be wrong. And hopefully, we will all gain some insights and knowledge through it
  4. WHO
    I spend more than 12 years watching companies managing their people. I learn about the things they do, and how they do it. I am not an expert though, and I have much to learn
  5. WHEN
    Send me list requests! Switch on your list notifications! And thank you! 😘